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Industry dynamics

Properties of fused quartz powder
Time:2019-07-15 09:57:10      Click:1003

Molten quartz powder is relatively hard, wear-resistant, and its chemical properties are relatively stable. The main mineral component is sulfur dioxide.  Its color is generally a milky white or a colorless translucent state.  The surface is also relatively smooth.  Its chemical properties, thermal energy and mechanical energy are obviously different.

Generally, the fused quartz powder is a product formed after processing with some quartz stones.  Generally, products with fineness below 120 mesh are quartz sand products.  More than 120 mesh products are quartz powder. We use fused quartz powder.  Generally speaking, there are mainly two ways to produce fused quartz powder: dry method and water method.  The common specifications are 120M, 200M, 260M, 325M, etc.  It can also be produced according to customer's processing when it is produced.

Generally speaking, in the process of using, we can mainly produce glass, refractory materials and smelt ferrosilicon.  Used as ceramics, grinding materials, etc.  In the metal surface treatment, etc.  In the process of building use, it also has relatively strong corrosion resistance, etc.

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