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Production Technology of Quartz Powder
Time:2019-07-15 10:30:08      Click:1074

The process method of quartz powder is mainly divided into dry method and water method, with various conventional specifications: 5-8M, 10-20M, 20-40M, 40-80M, 80-120M, 200M, 325M, 800M, 1000M and 2000M(M is the mesh number).  In addition, various special specifications can be processed according to customer requirements, and those requiring particle size distribution can also be processed generally.  Next, Xinhaotai Xiaobian, a manufacturer of fused quartz powder, will introduce the specific processes of the two production methods.

1. Dry production of quartz powder, the main equipment are stone crusher, crusher and vibrating screen, etc.

The technological process is that quartz ore material is processed into smaller stone material by a stone crusher, the stone material is then processed into sand particles by a crusher, and then screened by a vibrating screen. In the screening process, iron can be removed by using magnet rods and magnets, and then the stone material is subpackaged and put into storage.

Quartz powder produced by dry method is divided into ordinary quartz powder and refined quartz powder.  Because quartzite ore is mined from the mountain, it has a tan skin.  The product of directly crushing and screening smaller quartz ore materials is called ordinary quartz powder, and its surface is yellow-brown and white alternate with each other. Its advantages are low price and its disadvantages are more impurities, so it is widely used in the construction industry.  After selecting large mineral materials and manually removing the yellow-brown outer skin on the surface, refined quartz powder is produced. Its appearance is white and shiny, just like white granulated sugar.  Because the processing process is time-consuming and material-consuming, the price is relatively high.

2. Quartz powder is produced by water method. The main equipment includes stone cutting machine, stone grinding machine, baking room, vibrating screen and water system.

The technological process is roughly as follows: quartz ore is processed into smaller stones by a stone crusher, and the stones are crushed into sand grains by a stone grinding machine. During the grinding, water needs to be continuously added, water carries the sand grains into a sedimentation tank, then the sand grains in the sedimentation tank are transported into a baking room, baked into dry sand grains, and then screened by a vibrating screen. During the screening process, iron is removed by using magnet bars and magnets, and then the sand grains are subpackaged and put into storage.

Quartz powder produced by water method is divided into ordinary quartz powder and refined quartz powder.  The smaller quartz ore material is processed into ordinary quartz powder, and the larger quartz ore material is processed into refined quartz powder.  Compared with dry-process quartz powder, water-process quartz powder produces less equipment iron and washes away impurities with water in the production process. For example, the iron content and impurities are less than dry-process quartz powder, but its processing costs more labor and materials, so its price is higher.

The above are the production technologies of two production methods of quartz powder. I hope this article edited by Xiao Bian can make everyone know more about the relevant contents of quartz powder.

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