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Quartz Lump

Product introduction

Quartz Lump 
       Quartz Sand is made from Chinese highest purity Quartz stone , by using our special processing machineries and technologies , cleaning , crashing , sieving ,grading ,magnetic separating , to be lumps or grains . This production is very pure and has very low impurities , as raw materials widely used for foundry , glass , Silicon rubbers , ceramics and Artificial Marbles etc . 
       Chemical Compositions 
       SiO2 :99.5% Min to 99.8% Min, or as per customers' requirements 
       Fe2O3:5ppm Max to 100ppm Max , or as per customers'requirements 
       Physical Properties : 
       Appearance : White grains  
       Whitness : 85% Min to 90% Min , or as per customers' requirements 
       Specific Gravity : 2.65 
       Size Available 
       4-8mesh , 8-16mesh , 16-30mesh , 30-60mesh , 60-120mesh , -120mesh or as per customers' requirements.

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