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What is the reason why quartz sand darkens during grinding?
Time:2019-07-15 09:55:51      Click:1008

Quartz sand is a kind of quartz stone product which is more popular in the market now.  The phenomenon of darkening during the use of quartz sand is a very serious matter for manufacturers, which will lead to the loss of the company's interests, and customers will also have an evaluation of the company's price difference.  Then we need to know what causes the blackening of quartz stone during grinding and then solve it in a reasonable way.

In general, the reasons for the blackening of quartz sand include:

1. The quartz sand stays in the machine for a long time before being ground into powder, causing excessive grinding.

2. The material selection in the mixing setting is incorrect, thus polluting the slurry.

The phenomenon of blackening of quartz sand is prevented, because the blackening factor of quartz sand is only due to the use of coupling agent, so the amount of coupling agent will not be too much pressed in the uncontrolled process, and the temperature of the coupling agent during treatment cannot be too high.

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