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Industry dynamics

Method for purifying quartz sand
Time:2019-07-15 10:13:31      Click:1005

Xinhaotai Xiaobian, a manufacturer of fused quartz sand, will introduce you to the purification methods of quartz sand.

The purification method of quartz sand is as follows:

1. Scrubbing and desliming

Scrubbing refers to the removal of thin-film iron, cohesive and muddy impurity minerals on the surface of quartz sand and the further grinding of non-monomer mineral aggregates by mechanical force and grinding and stripping force between sand grains, and the further purification of quartz sand by classification operation.  At present, there are mainly two types of scrubbing: bar scrubbing and mechanical scrubbing. The main factors affecting the scrubbing effect are the structural features and configuration of the scrubbing machine.  The secondary factors are scrubbing time and scrubbing concentration (scrubbing concentration is usually 50%-60%). The main methods are mechanical scrubbing, bar friction scrubbing, high-efficiency and strong scrubbing with drugs and ultrasonic scrubbing.

2. Magnetic Separation

Magnetic separation is mainly used to remove magnetic minerals from quartz sand. For example, hematite, limonite, biotite and other weak magnetic minerals can be removed by a strong magnetic machine, while strong magnetic minerals such as magnetite can be removed by a weak magnetic separator.

3. Flotation

Flotation is used to remove feldspar, mica and other impurities in quartz sand that cannot be removed by magnetic separation, thus further improving its purity.

4. Acid leaching

Acid leaching takes advantage of the fact that Shi Ying is insoluble in acid (except HF acid) and other impurity minerals can be dissolved by acid, thus realizing further purification of Shi Ying.

5. Microbial leaching

Refers to the use of microorganisms to leach thin film iron or dip-dye iron on the surface of quartz sand particles, which is a newly developed iron removal technology.

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