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The difference between quartz powder and talcum powder!
Time:2019-07-15 10:15:40      Click:986

Quartz powder is now widely used, so what is the difference between quartz powder and talcum powder?  Let's get to know it briefly.

The biggest difference between quartz powder and talcum powder is the obvious difference in hardness and the relatively large hand feeling.  The differences are as follows:

Characteristics of quartz powder:

1, hardness 7, density 2.65, is a relatively hard, wear-resistant, chemically stable silicate mineral products.

2. Its chemical, thermal and mechanical properties are obviously anisotropic and insoluble in acid. Its melting point is 1650 C.

Characteristics of talc powder:

1. Hardness 1, specific gravity 2.2.8, good lubricity, fire resistance, insulation, high melting point, inert chemistry and good covering performance.

2. It has excellent physical properties, good gloss, good price comparison and strong adsorption. However, it is believed that it has structural characteristics during use, so it tends to split into scales and has special smoothness during use. If the content of Fe2O3 in the special envoy is high, its insulation will be affected.

These are the characteristics and differences between quartz powder and talcum powder. after reading the above contents, I believe everyone has a certain understanding.

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