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What are the uses of quartz powder?
Time:2019-07-15 10:09:00      Click:973

Quartz mainly refers to the widely distributed low-temperature Shi Ying of the cubic system.  When the temperature is above 573℃, it will become a high temperature Shi Ying of hexagonal system.  The shape of low temperature Shi Ying crystal is hexagonal columnar with spire.  There are horizontal lines on the cylindrical surface, and there are differences between left-shaped crystal and right-shaped crystal.  Bimorphs are common, and the two most common are Dauphin Bimorphs and Brazilian Bimorphs.  Xinhaotai Xiaobian, a manufacturer of fused quartz powder, will introduce to you the use of quartz powder.

The uses of quartz powder are as follows:

1. Quartz powder is widely used as coating and filler in industrial production.  Because quartz powder has good scattering property and extinction effect, and the density of superfine quartz powder is relatively low, the whiteness is as high as 92-95 and the color is bright, quartz powder can replace traditional glass microbeads to be applied in reflective paint in industrial application now, the skid resistance is also greatly improved, and the reflective line is even more than glass microbeads;  Ultrafine quartz powder is also widely used in automobile primer coatings and paint fillers.

2. Quartz is an important raw material for ceramics.  It can reduce plasticity of ceramics, reduce drying shrinkage of green body, shorten drying time and prevent deformation of green body.  During the firing process of ceramics, the heating expansion of Shi Ying can partially offset the shrinkage of the blank.  In the high temperature state, Shi Ying becomes the skeleton of the blank and forms mullite together with alumina, which can prevent the blank from softening and deforming.  Shi Ying can also improve the whiteness and translucency of porcelain.  In glaze, Shi Ying can improve the melting temperature and viscosity of glaze, reduce the expansion coefficient of glaze, and improve the mechanical strength, hardness, wear resistance and chemical corrosion resistance of glaze.

3. According to different quality, quartz stone can be divided into ordinary quartz sand. Its grain size can be processed according to different requirements. It is mainly used in metallurgy, grinding silicon carbide, glass and glass products, sand blasting and other industries. Refined quartz sand is not used in product grain size application, and is mainly used in refractory materials, precision casting and other industries.  Quartz stone can also be used to process silica micropowder. Through the understanding of quartz stone materials, it can be processed by the corresponding quartz stone flour mill, and materials with different fineness can be processed.

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