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What are the physical characteristics of fused quartz powder?
Time:2019-07-15 10:31:46      Click:1010

Shi Ying is a kind of material we are familiar with. Our first impression of this material is all kinds of stones we encounter in our life, because their most important ingredient is Shi Ying.  Molten quartz powder, as a special kind of quartz powder, is very similar in many physical properties although it is different from ordinary stones we encounter.  Next, let's follow the manufacturer of fused quartz powder, xinhaotai xiaobian, to see what its physical properties are.

The physical properties of fused quartz powder are as follows:

1. Hardness.  As a kind of quartz powder, its hardness is beyond doubt.  It is also because of its hardness that it is suitable for making those hard materials.

2. Wear resistance.  And hard characteristics have a very big correlation, because it is with a relatively hard characteristics, which makes him have a strong wear resistance.  Tools made of this material can perform very well in terms of wear resistance.

To sum up, fused quartz powder has strong hardness and wear resistance. Using this material, better tools can be made.

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