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Transportation Requirements for Molten Quartz Sand
Time:2019-07-15 09:53:42      Click:904

With the continuous development of science and technology in our country, the development of some technologies in our country has also been continuously strengthened.  Especially the extraction and extensive use of its fused quartz sand over the years.  What are the requirements for transportation in the process of extraction and use of fused quartz sand?  Next, let's follow the editor.

In general, in the process of transportation, we will think of how we should transport and how to minimize the cost.  I believe everyone has thought about this question.  Quartz sand is a nonmetallic mineral, a silicate mineral with stable chemical properties, hardness and wear resistance.  Its main component is silicon dioxide.  Its fused quartz sand is one kind of quartz sand, one kind of quartz stone material with higher purity than ordinary quartz sand.  It is also widely used now and is an important industrial raw material.

In the process of transportation, the fused quartz sand should have clear and strong marks, including the date of product consumption, title, brand number, batch number, and name of the consumer manufacturer.  It is also necessary to prevent cold, heat and water during transportation so as to avoid the chemical reaction of quartz sand when it meets water.  Finally, we have to consider the cost we need in the transportation process. Generally, fused quartz sand can be transported by car, train and water.  The specific method to be used still depends on the specific situation.

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