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What is the difference between natural quartz stone and artificial quartz stone
Time:2019-07-15 09:54:39      Click:737

With the continuous development of science and technology in our country, we are also constantly strengthening technology.  Therefore, many things are made by artificial imitation. For example, quartz stone material, quartz stone series are now widely used, and the content of use is also constantly increasing. Therefore, artificial quartz stone is produced.  What is the difference between artificial quartz stone and natural quartz stone?  Let's get to know each other with the editor.

1. From the appearance, we can see that quartz stone is generally transparent or translucent particles, and its main component is Shi Ying crystal.  The appearance of artificial quartz stone is a kind of transparent particles, and the main content of its material is acrylic and natural stone powder.

2. From the perspective of thickness, we know that the thickness of quartz stone is about 15cm, while the thickness of man-made stone is usually about 11cm to 12cm.

3. Judging from the weight, the weight of natural quartz stone is heavier than that of artificial quartz stone.

4. Judging from the hand feeling, natural quartz stone has a cool feeling, while artificial quartz stone is a warm and delicate plastic texture.

5. In terms of hardness, natural quartz stone is generally harder than artificial quartz stone, which is generally used on kitchen countertops, while artificial quartz stone is generally used on toilet countertops, etc.

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