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Tips for Identification of Molten Quartz Sand
Time:2019-07-15 09:52:53      Click:608

With the development of science and technology and economy in our country, our country is also developing rapidly in some fields, and its application of fused quartz sand is also increasing in the industry, so how can we identify whether the quality of fused quartz sand is good or bad?  The following is a brief introduction to the skills of the editor.

In general, when we check the quality of fused quartz sand, we should look at whether there are pores on the surface of quartz sand and whether its thickness is over 15 mm. If its thickness does not reach the standard, its bending resistance will be affected.  Then look at whether the hardness of quartz sand reaches 7. And whether there are some knives or sharp metal marks on the quartz sand.  If yes, the quality of quartz sand is unqualified.  Also, the less obvious the splicing gap of quartz sand, the better the quality.  Generally, if the quality of the fused quartz sand is not good, it is affected by raw materials, equipment, technology, etc.

Therefore, we can use our own small skills to test the quality of fused quartz sand when choosing it.  Prevent some customers from buying products that they are not satisfied with from causing serious consequences.  For some manufacturers, they are generally guaranteed when they produce fused quartz sand.

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