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Quality Standard and Advantages of Molten Quartz Powder
Time:2019-07-15 09:46:55      Click:510

With the continuous development of our country, some industries are also continuously developing. Its fused quartz powder is widely used and occupies a very important position in its development.  It is also because its fused quartz powder has many advantages that it is widely used in various industries.  For example, it is widely used as the main raw material in ceramic raw materials, glass raw materials, electric light sources, medical treatment, casting, refractory materials and other industries.  So, what are the advantages and quality standards of its fused quartz powder?  Let's get to know each other with the editor.

1. It has good permeability and is a typical glass state. Its atomic structure is disordered for a long time, and its temperature and low coefficient of thermal expansion are increased due to its structure.

2. It has the advantages of no impurities, high density, high mechanical strength and no edges and corners, and is an ideal material for chemical water treatment.

3. Generally, the quality requirements for its fused quartz powder can be divided into four grades according to its silica content.  For example, the special grade shall not be less than 99.99%;  The second grade shall not be less than 99.95%;  Grade III shall not be less than 99.7%;  Level 4 shall not be less than 99.6%.

These are the advantages of fused quartz powder and its quality standards. I hope they can be helpful to you. You can choose a suitable fused quartz powder product with good quality when purchasing.

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