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Use of Pickled Quartz Powder
Time:2019-07-15 09:46:06      Click:554

Quartz powder, also called silica micropowder, is a kind of silicate mineral with abrasion resistance, hardness and stable chemical properties. Its main chemical composition is silica, and its color is colorless, translucent or milky white.  Its hardness is very high, hardness 7.  The density is generally 2.65.  The use of quartz powder is pickling quartz powder, that is, pickling with some wet methods, such as the use of some sulfuric acid, oxalic acid, hydrochloric acid, etc.

Before the acidity is carried out, we need to carry out crushing and then wet crushing.  The process generally includes crushing quartz sand, washing with water, magnetic separation, acid leaching, washing with water, dewatering, and drying to form.  It is suggested that some stainless steel plastic containers should not be used in the manufacturing process, and some containers with heating and stirring should be used to make the acid leaching more thorough and the reaction more sufficient.  Note that the water washing should be stirred as well, and the washing should be thorough.

Generally, the advantage of pickling quartz powder is that pickling is to use hydrochloric acid to soak and boil for 2 hours and concentrated hydrochloric acid to heat and soak and boil for 30 minutes, then use water to be neutral and dry.  Pickling can remove iron, aluminum and other impurities on the surface.  Generally speaking, impurities are removed.  Whether it is used for water treatment and filtration or for other purposes, it should be used without impurities.  Its biggest function is to remove impurities.

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